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“ICAP” Information Centre and Academic Partner panel

As an authorized ICAP of SGVU, your role will be to counsel & register students on behalf of the University. For which you have provided online interface at sgvu official website.

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What Students Say About Us

Shweta Haritas ( 2013) Placed in FCS, says:

"I have explored both Degree & Professional college but, Gyan Vihar has given mea platform where i have the opportunity to excel in all areas along with academics."

Roshni Singh ( -2012) Placed in HCL, says:

"Gyan Vihar has provided me with the best of faculties,their proper guidance and the right environment which has stimulated my success factor."

Ishita (MCA -2012) Placed in IBM, says:

"I choose Gyan Vihar because of it's location, Diverse students and sense of community, there is no better place than Gyan Vihar for cumulative study."